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by on February 9, 2011

oblique exercisesOblique Exercises To Help Get Lean Obliques


If you are one of the many folks who are becoming very aware of their size, and the overall health of their body then it is quite likely that one time in your life or another you have considered what you may be able to do to improve your abdominal muscles with oblique exercises. Choosing some oblique exercises is a great step in the right direction. Just like with any workout program you are considering it is a good idea to think about discussing your plans with your physician to ensure that you have chosen the exercises that best suit you and will offer you the greatest success. Some folks find they succeed best when they join their local gym or workout program offered in their community while many others often find all they need to keep themselves going is a friend or family member to partner up with them. You do not have to be rich to begin an exercising you simply have to have the drive to get started.

Which Oblique Exercises You Should Be Doing

There are a number of very helpful oblique exercises available to help improve your oblique muscles. Despite what you might think you do not have to begin with strenuous activity to get the type of results you are looking for. It is crucial to remember though in order to get the results you need it is very important that you do the oblique exercises on a regular basis. Generally speaking, it is most often recommended that you complete a workout regimen, no less than three times a week in order to get the best outcome possible. Always remember to begin your workout at a slow pace that suites you when you are just starting especially if you have not exercised for a long time or at all before. Pushing yourself to work too hard too fast will put your body in a position where you are more likely to have an injury related to your exercising then if you were to just start slowly and allow your muscles to get used to the situation. This will also prevent you from having to constantly start and stop your routine.

Favorite Oblique Exercises:

There are many very oblique exercises you can choose to begin, and one of those is lying flat on your back on the floor or another solid surface and allow your legs to stretch out. Allow your hands to rest on both sides of you and rest your head as well. Once you have comfortably reached the position, you need to begin with both of your legs together, lift them up into the air and hold them in position for about ten seconds. Once you have become accustomed to this exercise you may then want to advance to leaving your legs in the air slightly instead of resting them on the ground in between repetitions. This will allow you to exercise those muscles even more. Regardless of whether you are doing the basic exercise or the advanced version it is generally a good idea to try to repeat the exercise about ten to fifteen times. Try not to get discouraged if you are unable to do it quite as many times at first you will eventually get there, with practice.

Other oblique exercises, which are very similar to that of the one in which you are laying on your back and lifting your legs is one in which you will lay in the same position on the floor, but instead of having your hands by your sides you will put them behind your head for support. Tilt your head slightly forward while you bend your knees and bring them up to your chest. Once you have held your knees towards your chest for a few moments then release. Similar to the other muscle strengthening position, you will want to try to keep in this position for about ten seconds and repeating it about ten to fifteen times.

What Professionals Teach Their Clients About Oblique Exercises:

Professionals also often teach their clients that they can improve their oblique muscles as well as their flexibility by lying on the floor and bending their legs allowing their toes to touch each other. It will not only improve your abdominal muscles, but it will stretch the muscles on the inner part of the thighs. This may sound like a very simple task, but in fact, it can be quite a challenge for many people and therefore is a great option for improving muscle tone.

How to Make Oblique Exercises Fun

The fact is many people do not like to stick with exercising because they quickly become bored and discouraged by what it is they are doing. If you are concerned that you might lose interest in your exercise program then think about adding your favorite music to your routine. If you still find yourself lacking in interest then why not pick a time of the day when one of your favorite television programs is playing and do your workout at that time while you are watching the program. Finding something else for your mind to do while you do your workout can make the time go much faster therefore encourage you to continue.

Are Oblique Exercises Enough? What You Should Also Be Aware Of:

Although it is incredibly important to do as much exercise as you possibly can it is not the only thing that will affect the outcome of your health. Making sure to eat healthy and trying to avoid unhealthy sugars and starches is a very important part of improving your body. It is also very important to remember to take the time each and every day to begin your day with breakfast. Though it may seem like a silly thing in fact, it helps give your metabolism a running start in the early morning, which will improve your body’s ability to metabolize food better throughout the day.

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