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by on April 21, 2011

I have an intense abdominal workout for you planned right below. I encourage you to follow this, but remember without proper dieting it will be hard to get those abs and obliques to peak through.

oblique exercises

When it comes to abdominal and oblique exercises there are generally three main theories that different people believe give the best results:

  1. On one hand, you might have the group that typically has a high body fat percentage, eats a poor diet, and believes that high rep abdominal training will magically melt the fat off of their midsection.
  2. The second group will diet extremely strict and feel that since they can see their abs, they do not need to train them at all, and also rationalize not training them as a result of the reality that they get trained indirectly from performing compound exercises.
  3. The third group will be on and off with their diet plan and train their abs challenging and heavy on a typical basis. This group feels that by training them difficult they are going to make the abs grow, causing them to be visible through their abdominal fat.

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Okay, onto the training…For maximum results I don’t think that any one of the 3 groups is correct in their belief.

 My personal feeling concerning abdominal training and oblique exercises is to use resistance exercise to develop the muscle, and then diet real strictly to strip the body fat from the body so that you can make the abdominal muscles visible.

In the event you apply one of these approaches but not the other (for example: dieting and not training your abs, or training your abs truly hard, but not staying strict on your diet), you may not attain maximum outcomes for your efforts.

To develop your abdominal muscles to their full prospective you must follow a strict high protein, moderate carbohydrate, moderate fat diet plan, in order for your body fat to be at a low enough level to create your abs visible.

Diet plan is approximately 80% of the equation in bodybuilding, and if your diet plan just isn’t on point, you are going to not receive the outcomes that you simply are following.

Well, enough speak about the diet plan (because I’ve covered that in quite a few articles already) – it is time to discuss abdominal and oblique exercises.

When training your midsection, I really feel which you really should either start with lower abdominal exercises where the legs come towards the chest (leg raises, knee-ins), and then finish with upper abdominal exercises where the chest comes towards the hips and oblique muscles (sit ups, crunches, machines, side crunches).

The abdominal exercises for your lower abs are normally harder, which is why I believe that you are better off putting those exercises first inside your workout.

One more method to use this approach would be to alternate between a lower abdominal exercise and an upper abdominal exercise, and then finish up with your oblique muscles.

Now that I have this out of the way, let’s discuss the very best exercises to maximally develop your abdominal muscles.

Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

Hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises for your lower ab muscles are like doing squats for your legs and bench for chest. This exercises is the hardest exercises for the abs but gives great results. The hardest part of this exercises is to contract your legs up with your abdominal muscles and to not let the rest of your body become involved in the exercise which causes swinging.

Decline Crunches

These are a great mass builder for the abdominal muscles. When performed on a steep decline is the hardest exercise for the upper abs. Make sure you keep your lower back very tight and keep your chest up throughout each rep.

Cross Bench Knee-ins

You then want to balance your body with your hands and your legs while keeping your abs tight. Now what you want to do is perform a knee-in in the position you are in.
In the contracted position you want to bring your chest towards your knees and squeeze your abs for a hard contraction. This exercise will target the lower abdominal region as well as the upper abdominal region.
I feel that this exercise should only be used with bodyweight, keeping your reps in the 15-20 range for 2-3 sets.
If you are really strong with this exercise you could place a light dumbbell in between your feet to add some resistance, but I would still try to keep your reps up in the 15-20 range.

Oblique Exercises

Cable Side Bends

The last exercise in this workout are cable side bends for the oblique and intercostals muscles.
For this exercise you want to have a handle attachment on the cable, with a moderate weight on the stack. You then want to grab the handle and take a few steps away from the cable stack so that there is tension on the cable.
Using the handle on the cable you want to pull down and squeeze your side to contract you oblique muscles. After you perform one set for one side of your body turn around and perform another set for your other side right after.
I do not feel that a lot of oblique exercises are necessary but this is one exercise that I find valuable to add to your workouts. For this exercise 2-3 sets of 20-25 reps should be more than enough to finish off this abdominal blast and oblique exercises blast.

I hope that this post and exercise guide on oblique exercises and abdominal exercises has helped!

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